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My natural curiosity, love of nature, adventure, and travel have always been driving forces in my life. The things I discovered along the way have shaped my outlook, direction, and sense of purpose. The cup is always more than half full and this outlook frames my direction, vision, and focus.


Having spent my career as an artist and art educator, my personal experiences with all disciplines of art it very broad. Teaching art was an absolute joy and filled me in almost every way. For over a decade I had the opportunity to take student groups to Europe where we learned about and viewed magnificent art. Being immersed in the different cultures was a invaluable experience and visiting great museums, historical sites of each country broadened our view of the world. 

I have always been drawn to the use of three dimensional space. The play of positive and negative spaces and the movement created by that interaction I find fascinating. And throughout my career I have worked with a variety of materials but when I work in clay, it is from the inside out. Each cool, moist, and supple piece of clay soothes my soul and it becomes my private world.

artist statement

Almost to a fault I notice everything. Within the subtleness of light, shadow, and contrast a fascinating world is created by the push and pull of creation. The intriguing spaces between are the ones that demand my attention. The imagery I create is inspired by the infinite, mysterious, alluring shapes and forms in nature.

As a ceramic artist I find that hand building brings me back to center. It is a very slow process that pulls against my impulsive fast-paced grain with is probably the very reason it works for me. I find total freedom in using both coils and slabs of clay. The time taken for contemplation, assessment, and reflection make up the tapestry that is woven into each piece.

I use coils of clay to create free standing pieces that are either very symmetrical or more free form and sculptural. I love the ability to create with coils because of the freedom within the process. It is a looping form of delirium. 

With slab construction I am able to make organic free flowing forms. The rise and fall of each surface along with the bending and curving edges move together. It feels as though I am creating my own private life form.

A game changer for me was learning how to burnish clay. It was a revelation to see the surface transformed by compressing the particles of clay with a small stone. The surface is left smooth, cool, and intoxicating to the touch. Unlike glazed ceramics the surface of these one of a kind burnished pieces has particular warmth and depth that makes them so unique.With low fire reduction firing I am able to achieve earthy tonalities. On occasion I may add horsehair to the hot clay surface and sometimes I will carve out areas on the surface and use either an oxide or crushed obsidian application.


The addition of anything to a burnished clay surface is absolutely beautiful.



BA, University of West Georgia

Visual Arts Major

Carrollton, GA, 1975


Non-Degree Graduate Studies

Georgia State University

Atlanta, GA, 1979

University of Georgia

Athens, GA , 1985


Juried Competitions

Abstracts Matter, 311 Gallery, (Raleigh, NC, 2020)

Ink and Clay 44, California Polytechnic University, (Pomona, CA, 2019)

29th Annual All Florida Juried Arts Show, (HM), (Stuart FL, 2019)

28th Annual All Florida Juried Arts Show, (Stuart FL, 2018)

26th Annual All Florida Juried Arts Show, (Stuart FL, 2016)


Member Exhibition, Florida CraftArt, (St. Petersburg, FL, 2021)

Member Exhibition, Morean Arts Center, (St. Petersburg, FL, 2020)

Member Exhibition, Florida CraftArt, (St. Petersburg, FL, 2020)

Member Exhibition, Morean Arts Center, (HM), (St. Petersburg, FL, 2019)

Member Exhibition, Morean Arts Center, (St. Petersburg, FL, 2018)

Top Finalist FAEA Member Exhibition, (Daytona Beach FL, 2014)

Top Finalist FAEA Member Exhibition, (Daytona Beach FL, 2013)


Gallery Representation

The Art Box, (Monticello, GA, 2019-21)

Florida Craft Art, (St. Petersburg, FL, 2019-21)

William Braemer Fine Art, (Miami, FL, 2017-19)

Baker Showroom, Design Center of the Americas, (Dania Beach, FL, 2017-18)

Art Fusion Galleries, (Miami, FL, 2016-17)

Southlight Gallery, (Jacksonville, FL 2016-17)



Ronald E. Johnston Jr., Private Collection, (Atlanta, GA, 2020)

Marvin and Lynette Perlis, (Amelia Island, FL, 2002)

Amelia Interior Designs, (Amelia Island FL, I995-96)

Bill and Gayle Gower (Amelia Island FL, 1995-96)

William Bristol III, (Amelia Island, FL, 1993-94) 

Melody Winston/ The Addison House (Amelia Island FL, 1992-3)

Don and Scotty McCurry, (Amelia Island FL, 1992)

Jacksonville Symphony Guild Designers’ Showhouse, (Jacksonville FL, 1991,1993)


Public Installations

Center Street Art Walk, (Amelia Island, 1993)



School Arts Magazine, 2012, 2016


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Fever Pitch/SOLD

Dimensions: 10” x 13” Description: Hand-built earthenware. Carved and burnished. Low fired with sawdust reduction.

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