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Images by Clinton Keller Photography


Through the years I have worked as an artist and an art educator in school systems throughout the US teaching children from secondary to elementary. And for a decade I had the opportunity to take student groups to Europe learning about, seeing art, and immersing into the different cultures each country offered.

As a business owner, I worked with interior designers creating decorative finishes and special effects in both residential and commercial properties.

But when I work in clay, it is from the inside out. Each cool, moist, supple coil, looping almost in delirium is my private world.  

artist statement

I have been fortunate to travel throughout the United States, Europe, Egypt, the Caribbean, and Latin America. Each place holds a wealth of inspiration because of the differences in the geology and topography of the land but also within the cultures. 

Almost to a fault, I notice everything; the nuances of light and shadow, the intriguing spaces between the positive and negative, and the push and pull of creation are all part of it. So the imagery created is inspired by the infinite, mysterious, and alluring shapes in nature. The organic shapes and forms found in volcanic rock, forms from the sea, salt, and ice formations are of particular interest to me. All of these complex shapes are transformed into soothing images that are carved into and adorn the surface of my work, each different in form and surface treatments, each with a story of its own. The process is ancient and the takeaway is what I design.

Once crafted, these one of a kind hand-built pieces are burnished which causes the surface to become reflective, extremely smooth, intoxicating, and sensual to the touch. The true depth of the clay body is enhanced with reduction firing, and it's beauty is unsurpassed. 



BA, University of West Georgia

Visual Arts Major

Carrollton, GA, 1975


Non-Degree Graduate Studies

Georgia State University

Atlanta, GA, 1979

University of Georgia

Athens, GA , 1985


Juried Competitions

Abstracts Matter, 311 Gallery, (Raleigh, NC, 2020)

Ink and Clay 44, California Polytechnic University, (Pomona, CA, 2019)

29th Annual All Florida Juried Arts Show, (HM), (Stuart FL, 2019)

28th Annual All Florida Juried Arts Show, (Stuart FL, 2018)

26th Annual All Florida Juried Arts Show, (Stuart FL, 2016)


Member Exhibition, Morean Arts Center, (HM), (St. Petersburg, FL, 2019)

Member Exhibition, Morean Arts Center, (St. Petersburg, FL, 2018)

Top Finalist FAEA Member Exhibition, (Daytona Beach FL, 2014)

Top Finalist FAEA Member Exhibition, (Daytona Beach FL, 2013)


Gallery Representation

The Art Box, (Monticello, GA, 2019-20)

Florida Craft Art, (St. Petersburg, FL, 2019-20)

William Braemer Fine Art, (Miami, FL, 2017-19)

Baker Showroom, Design Center of the Americas, (Dania Beach, FL, 2017-18)

Art Fusion Galleries, (Miami, FL, 2016-17)

Southlight Gallery, (Jacksonville, FL 2016-17)



Marvin and Lynette Perlis, (Amelia Island, FL, 2002)

Amelia Interior Designs, (Amelia Island FL, I995-96)

Bill and Gayle Gower (Amelia Island FL, 1995-96)

William Bristol III, (Amelia Island, FL, 1993-94) 

Melody Winston/ The Addison House (Amelia Island FL, 1992-3)

Don and Scotty McCurry, (Amelia Island FL, 1992)

Jacksonville Symphony Guild Designers’ Showhouse, (Jacksonville FL, 1991,1993)


Public Installations

Center Street Art Walk, (Amelia Island, 1993)



School Arts Magazine, 2012, 2016


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Animate 1

Dimensions: 14"x17"x 3". Description: Hand-built stoneware. Slab construction, formed and burnished. Low fired with horsehair application.